Plastic Grinding, Shredding & Pelletizing Services

We have over 20 years of experience shredding, grinding, and pelletizing plastic.


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Shredding & Grinding

Our business specializes in fulfilling large volume grinding orders. We focus on producing a consistent plastic granular at a fast turnaround rate. Furthermore, all orders get handled carefully to prevent contamination. We have millions of pounds of experience shredding and grinding plastic and have developed ways to process forms of material others will not!


In addition to shredding and grinding services, we also offer our clients the ability to pelletize their material. We have twin screw and single screw extruders working 24/7, producing re-processable plastic pellets. Our lab ensures the properties of your plastic are within specified ranges.

Proven Performance

Thirty years of plastic processing experience

We have delivered and fine-tuned plastic shredding, grinding, pelletizing, and densifying services for thirty years.

Large processing capacity

When it comes to manufacturing, we are obsessed. Our plant can process large volumes of plastic material in many different ways. We maximize efficiency and make sure our machines are happy around the clock! If you have a significant amount of material that needs consistent processing, our team delivers.

Innovative Procedures

Our engineering team has consistently devised strategies to create value for plastic parts manufacturers. We have found ways to process materials that others will not!

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